Tuesday, October 30, 2001

Happy Tuesday everyone...One more day until Halloweeeeeeeeeeeeeen...I'm not sure what I'm gonna do tomorrow but hopefully it won't consist of me sitting in my room watching the Simpsons like every night...We do have this fall festival they're putting on so I might check that out and grab me some free candy!!!! Speaking of free, it's funny how when you get into college your favorite words are FREE, SLEEP, WEEKEND, and CLASSES CANCELED (that's two good words put together to make one big HAPPY DAY) Well in this entry of The Narrow Path I wasn't sure what I was gonna write about but I do need to pay a little tribute to my late, great friend Terrance the fish. Yes I did say late. We all know that September 11th was a horrible day for everyone but it also seemed to take its toll on Terrance. He too died September 11, 2001. Now Terrances death probably had nothing to do with the September 11th tragedy...(but test were never done so we can only guess) but another possibility of his death might have come from his small little tank being placed next to the window and by the microwave. (window = heat, and microwave = radiation) But remember these are only speculations...I would never purposely kill me beloved fish... I hope none of you think that I'm making light of September 11th... Because Terrance was very important to me...(I had to hold back the tears) He traveled 3 hours in a van to come to college with me...and he never complained one time about the splish splashing of his tank. When my family left me on the first day of college I felt all alone but then I remembered I still had Terrance. I know this all might sound completely ridiculous to all of you but hey you didn't know Terrance the way I did. So now that Terrance is gone I'm trying to get on with life. I've even considered buying another fish. Not to take Terrances place but maybe just to fill the empty tank. And this new fish I will most likely name Clarrance. (do in part because Jessica could never remember Terrances name and always called him Clarrance) So by having that name Clarrance could share a little piece of Terrance. How about if we have a moment of silence.....

Thank you for the brief silence....THE 4 KNOTS...

Attitude... I'm feeling pretty positive today. My grades aren't as bad as I thought and I've found a way to bring them up at the last minute.
Happy thought... My happy thought is that I only have about 3 weeks until Thanksgiving and seeing Derek....I'M SOOOOOOO EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quote... This is a verse from the Bible that really helps me when I don't feel like waking up for class or even going any further in college..." I strain to reach the end of the race and receive the prize for which God, through Jesus Christ, is calling us up to heaven." Philippians 3:14
Struggle... Get through classes just until Thanksgiving...Ya'll pray for me because you know how big of a procrastinator I am.

Monday, October 22, 2001

Hi everyone...Well I'm finally back to writing in the Narrow Path...A lot has happened since I last wrote in June...Right now I am currently attending Liberty University in Lynchburg,VA...If you've never heard of it before then dont worry because neither had I until like a month before I was accepted...So but anyways...So far I like it a lot...The major down fall is that 1) We have dress code which really sucks because I hate to wear any form of dresses/skirts...But I'm sure my dad appreciates it...For once I look like a girl...2) Jerry Fawell is the founder...Now this wouldnt be so bad say if it were Billy Graham instead but you see some people have a problem with Jer...I personally have a problem with him preachin in convocation...He's BIG TIME BORING....and 3) I'm not allowed to see a rated R movie...To some this wouldn't be a big deal but to me it's huge...I could fight and die for my country right now...Buy a gun...get married...Drive a car...and vote for a president...But I cant see a rated R MOVIE....(dont worry guys it doesn't stop me)..So there are a couple complaints...But even still I know this is were God would have me go...And I wouldn't want to go and mess with the Big Guys plans...So lets see what else has happened since...Oh me and my boyfriend Hassan have now went in different directions...(enough said)...And just recently my best guy friend of about 3 1/2 years told me he's liked me ever since...Let me tell what a wonderful feeling it is to know that someone likes you...And then to have those same feelings for him...Derek is a really awesome guy...He's so thoughtful and kind...And the best part...he CRACKS me up...It was definetly worth the wait to be with him....I wish everyone could be as happy as we are...

!!!!My 4 Knots!!!!

Attitude...Today I'm pretty happy...School is really easy today...And the sun is shining...What more could I ask for...(a million bucks..............to give to charity) hehehe
Happy Thought...Knowing that probably right now Derek is thinking about me....I'm such a sap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Quote..."Love has nothing to do with what you are expecting to get, it's what you are expected to give -- which is everything." So true, so true!!!!!
Struggle...To not lose sight of God and continue to be the person he would have me be...I struggle everyday...And yes even here at Liberty where God is a constant reminder....

Thursday, June 28, 2001

Hi everyone...Today has been such a boring day and I'm really tired b/c I had to wake up at 6am to go to the Doctors office...It was pretty tramatic...They had to draw blood...YOUCH...They we trying to find my veins in my arms but they were too deep...I swear they tied that big rubber band thing around my arms 10 times (Im not even egaterating) I had to bring my mom with me because I was scared...So the nurse couldnt get a good vein and the doctor ended up coming in to help and then she was like well stick her in the wrist...I figured that was ok...At least It was better than my moms idea of sticking me in the neck...hahahaha...Ok so they put a line in my wrist and that works fine and doesnt hurt too bad...but of course my vein starts to clot and they need more blood so they have to put a line in my other wrist...Wonderful...on the first line I was holding my moms hand...but now on the second wrist the doctor and the nurse are in the way and I cant hold anyones hand...This was not good...this was my whole purpose of her being here...And it turns out that this needle hurts so much worse than the other...The doctor moves a little while holding the needle as its in my wrist and she sorta stabs me from the inside of my vein...HOLY CRAP...That did not feel happy to me...But I did it and its done and I wont have to do that for a long time (hopefully) You know I deserved a sticker for that...Accually I deserved 2....

**~Ta Da~** THE 4 KNOTS

Attitude...I'm tired today but I really feel like going to the gym...It would give me energy...But anyways I'm in a good mood...
Happy thought...My happy thought is that I don't have to give anymore blood for a long time...That really stung...And now I'm gonna bruise...But I should think of all the people around the world who dont have health care and are sick and dying...Oh yeah that makes me feel tons better...They can stick me all they want
Quote...When life seems hard...just think of all the people without health care....hahahaha
Struggle...To continue to work on my Liberty essay

Oh one quick thing...I just wanted to tell Derek that we will all miss him VERY MUCH as he leaves to go to New York...I hope you have a safe trip and remember all of us...Good Luck and Visit often!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 27, 2001

Hello, Hello...So I'm watching my pet fish at work right now...His name is Terrance, he says hi...For some reason he keeps swimming through the water plant...Now this looks like this hurts him...And every time he sort-of gets stuck...Now If I were Terrance I would go around the plant to avoid any damage or pain...But as I think about it theres a lot to learn from Terrance...Now we say that we would go around the pain and difficulties of this plant (or situation)...but as humans we very rarely do this...Terrance has to know by now that the plant is going to hurt but he still goes through the hard way...Maybe we continue to do things the same way because although most things never change...in our hearts we always see the positive side or we think that maybe the next time will magically be better...So as for Terrance he'll probably always go through that plant and fight his way out...But after all he's just a dumb fish that probably thinks there's a secret exit for his way out of that small dirty tank...(oh and none of you analyze this story, Its sort of like one of those emails you get...just something to think about) Quick fact a cockroach can live a week with is head cut off...now that's nasty...can you imagine a cockroach in your house with no head...Not just one with no head, having cockroaches in your house at all...And you know where there's one there's hundreds more just like them...(Did I give you the chills) HAHAHAHAHAHAHA

4 knots brougt to you by Katie Jo

Attitude...You know it's a hot day...and hot days make me grumpy...As of yet I'm not grumpy but I'm just giving you fair warning just in case...Ok.....OK
Happy thought...I attempted to do a devotion last night...I didnt get to far b/c the devotional book was complicated but I did read my bible...And you know what...I'm gonna do it again tonight...
Quote...It doesn't matter what people think of you...its what you think of yourself...HECK YEAH
Struggle...Writing the essay for Liberty...But I'm sure it won't be too hard with the big JC on my side :)

Tuesday, June 26, 2001

Wow where has the day gone to...Oh I wanted to thank everyone for all their positive comments on my Narrow Path "webpage"...One person even liked my entries so much they said that I should write for the Washington Post...Now I don't know about that but it sure was nice to here...If there is ever something yall would like me to write about or see in The Narrow Path just drop me a line ok...Its great to get new ideas...Because let me tell you I get *brain farts* OFTEN...Lets see what else is there...Tonight I think I'll go rent a movie...I have to go to Blockbuster anyways and pay a $17.00 fee...hey hey hey...so what if I have a $17.00 fee...I forgot the movies were downstairs for week!!!!! YIKES...If it weren't for me and my fees at Blockbuster, that store would not be making any $moulah$
Introducing the 4 knots...
Attitude... Today is a great day...I only have about 20min of work left and then I get to go home and rent a movie...and work on my Liberty application...(well at least the movie part will be fun,right)
Happy thought... hahahaha this is funny...today i had chinese food and it was so yummy...it was a happy thought...
Quote... Before you are to move on to the future you must first deal with you past...SO TRUE
Struggle... Not to gossip at work...Oh lord I just need to stay out of it!!!!!!!!

Monday, June 25, 2001

Hi guys...I hope you all had a great weekend...I know I did...I went to see my family in DE this weekend...It was a nice time...Hmmm...It's hard to talk when there's no one to talk to...Oh here's a story for you...The other day my boyfriend Hassan, me, and his two friends went to see "the fast and the furious"...So the movies about to start and all the sudden something hits me (not a thought and object twizler to be exact) and a man turns around in front of us and starts screaming at me saying "you better stop throwing S***, and calm down" blah blah blah...So Hassan is like WHAT so he says "You want to take this outside" And the guy just keeps yelling and screaming right along with Hassan...Well then I'm trying to be the little Attorney and I'm like "It hit me too see theres a Twizler on my lap and I'm eating Milk Duds" So the guy sits down and we calm our selves and I start to cry...hahahaha...It was so instense..I mean I didnt think that I was gonna get hurt...I think I cried because the situation was unfair you know...There I was minding my own business eating my Milk Duds and then *BAM*...Maybe I got my feelings hurt...I dont understand how people can be so HOT...I would never turn around to a complete strange and scream in there face and assume anything...There are really crazy people in this world...No telling what they'll do...You'll be happy to know that Hassan shock HIS hand after the movie to appologize for the mix up...It wasnt even Hassan fault...I bet the guy felt like an Ass...

Here's my four *KNOTS*...

Attitude today...It's a good day...no big worries...I feel strong even though I'm sick
Happy thought...not getting a ticket last night...PRAISE GOD!!!!!
Quote... Its never too late to teach an old dog new tricks (not just dogs either)
Struggle... Oh Dear Lord Please help me to get into Liberty...And help me not to be such a procrastinator...

Oh one more thing...I want to wish Hassan a safe and happy trip to Las Vegas!!!! I'll miss you but have lots of fun and bring me back something ok...I Love You TONS AND TONS xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Saturday, June 23, 2001

Hi everyone...I'm spending the weekend with my family so we can go see my dad for fathers day...Well a week late but better late than never right...

Let me get started with my four knots...

Attitude today... today I'm elated b/c im with my sisters...They totally lift my spirts...Its wonderful to be with people who dont care what you look like or what you've done...I wish everyone was a fortunate as me...
Happy thought... I went today to buy some clothes and I was discouraged b/c nothing fit but then I went to another store and they had a big sale and I looked so good in what I was wearing...my spirits were so up lifted...hahaha I'm such a girl aren't I
Quote... "It should be I apostroph M " "It doesnt always have to be perfect"
Struggle... I would like to read my Bible every night or day...It's so hard...And isnt it awful that our lives are so busy that we cant find time for God